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Sweepstakes & Contest Types

From simple online contest forms to instant win games or viral sweepstakes, Promotion Trust creates customized promotions that generate excitement and maximize registrations.

Promotion Trust can manage all aspects of your online and offline promotions including strategy, research, creative design, technology, administration, legal, winner selection and prize fulfillment, and all of the results are available in through our easy-to-use, online reporting interface.

Promotion Trust comprehensive Promotions Administration Services, Contest Management and Promotions Development Services ensure that your promotions will be effective and successful.

Our most popular types of sweepstakes promotions are:

  • Standard Sweepstakes Campaigns. These promotions consist typically of a single registration form and a thank you page. Winners are randomly selected from a pool of online and mail-in entries.
  • Instant Win Sweepstakes. An Instant Win Sweepstakes is a fantastic way to build excitement for a sweepstakes. An Instant Win Sweepstakes immediately notifies the visitor if he or she has won a prize. This instant notification gives added incentive to enter the sweepstakes and provides an immediate sense of gratification for the visitor.

    Unlike traditional sweepstakes where prizes are selected after a sweepstakes ends, Instant Win Sweepstakes give away prizes as the promotion runs. The sweepstakes ends when either all prizes have been given away or after a set end date. The more prizes available to win, the longer the sweepstakes can run and generate traffic and registrations.

    Promotion Trust sweepstakes technology platform allows us to change the odds of winning as the sweepstakes progresses. This way, more prizes can be given away at the beginning of the sweepstakes, building excitement and generating traffic. Winning can then be tiered down as the contest progresses to ensure that the sweepstakes will not end prematurely. For example, the first 5,000 entries could have a 1 in 5 chance of winning while the next 20,000 entries may only have a 1 in 100 chance of winning.
  • Viral Tell-a-Friend Sweepstakes. A Viral Sweepstakes is an excellent way to generate traffic and significantly increase registrations. A Viral Sweepstakes can be incorporated into any other type of online sweepstakes (such as a standard sweepstakes or instant win), and rewards visitors for inviting their friends to play.

    After entering the sweepstakes, consumers are offered more chances to win by telling their friends about the sweepstakes. Consumers can automatically share the sweepstakes on their favorite social network (such as Twitter or Facebook) or send an email inviting their friends to enter the sweepstakes. By giving consumers more chances to win, they are provided a powerful incentive to invite friends and associates to register.
  • Mobile Sweepstakes. More than 90% of the people in the United States have mobile phones, which makes Mobile Sweepstakes the best way to engage consumers right when they see your product or ad. Promotion Trust mobile technologies let you create an effective mobile sweepstakes quickly and affordably.
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    • Toll Free Call-in Campaigns
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    • Personalized Voice Messages
  • Toll Free Call-in Sweepstakes. Promotion Trust can make it easy for consumers to enter your sweepstakes just by dialing a toll free number. Clear voice prompts guide consumers through the entry process and give you an opportunity to tell them more about your products and services.
  • Sweepstakes Games. Whether it’s scratch and win, spin and win, trivia, concentration, driving, e-learning or custom games, Promotion Trust game designers build fun, engaging games that make consumers want to return everyday to play.
  • Photo/Video/Essay Contests. Promotion Trust interactive contest platform allows us to build online photo, essay or video contests quickly and affordably. Our contests include everything need: file uploads, an online gallery, voting and backend moderation, judging and administration interfaces.
  • Custom Sweepstakes. Promotion Trust specializes in creating custom sweepstakes and games tailored to fit your promotional goals.