Promotion Solutions

Contest Management & Moderation

Participation Is The Key

The web is about engaging and encouraging your consumers to interact with your brand, and the best way to get the word out is to encourage your customers to participate. We can help you with:

  • Essay, Photo and Video Contests
  • Galleries
  • Voting
  • Administration & Rules
  • Content Moderation
  • Judging

User Generated Content

User Generated Content promotions (such as photo, video or essay contests) are an excellent way to engage your consumers and build PR for your products and services. However, there are many parts of a contest that must be managed. Promotion Trust Contest Management Services include:

Contest Management

Promotion Trust will manage the operation of the contest including:

  • The day-to-day operation of the contest.
  • Customer Service in Customer Service in order to reply to help requests.
  • Initial Judging. Promotion Trust can review each entry and narrow down and/or disqualify entrants prior to the final round of judging.

Contest Judging Services

When running a legal skill based contest, you are required to have qualified judges that score entries fairly and impartially based on quantifiable criteria. To meet these requirements, Promotion Trust will:

  • Act as the independent judging agency for interpreting contest rules and arbitrating judging issues.
  • Draft judging criteria and guidelines.
  • Draft judging documents, such as:
    • Judging Guidelines & Instructions.
    • Judge Information & Validation Form - A form for judges to sign before being approved as judges for the contest.
    • Judging Forms - The forms judges use for rating contestant entries.
  • Compile and validate entries to ensure that all rules are met.
  • Generate entry judging forms where entrant information is anonymous (i.e., we will remove each entrant's name and address and assign a code number to the entrant) to reduce the possibility of judging bias.
  • Host a judging event. If needed, Promotion Trust will supervise a judging event where a judging panel will meet and select the contest finalists and/or winners and alternates.
  • Distribute entries and judging forms to judges.
  • Receive completed results and tabulate scores to select the winners and finalists.

Contest Moderation

Running UGC contests can drive significant traffic to your website, so reviewing content prior to positing live on the site or in the gallery will protect your brand from inappropriate and possibly illegal content being displayed.

Promotion Trust professional moderators will review all entries before they are posted live to the site or online gallery. We will:

  • Create contest rules, terms of use, posting guidelines and FAQ’s
  • Draft content moderation guidelines to be used by the moderators to approve/disqualify entries.
  • Review and moderate entries daily, weekly or in real-time as entries are received.
  • Notify entrants if their contest entries have been disqualified.
  • If applicable, email entrants as soon as their entries are posted live in the contest gallery.
  • Setup the systems and respond to inappropriate content notifications by visitors.
  • Provide moderation reports to keep you informed and up to date.